8 Ways to Use SportaPost

A sport club’s season usually lasts about six months. That doesn’t mean that they should be quiet half the year. We’ve seen amazing posts that clubs have come up with during the off-season and some really creative ways they have used SportaPost!

Here are eight ways to use SportaPost. As an example we’re showcasing what Rovaniemi Nordmen (probably the world’s northern most American football club) has done with their social media.


A simple countdown to season opener is good way to start. Keep your fans updated on when the first game is going to be. Also sharing images or videos from off-season practices is something your fans will appreciate.


This is a no brainer, but still often overlooked by clubs. Put a little teaser before you announce a new player and build up the hype. Also you want to share news whenever a player is leaving your club.


This is something we’re seeing more and more nowadays. Post your weekly or monthly schedule of games, but also other stuff like practices or other events. This can be also used during the off-season.


When and where is the next game? Pretty obvious, but if you forget to post it, people are not happy. You can post it even two times before the game, because social media algorithms won’t show it to all of your followers anyway. Gameday posts are one of the most popular posts to sell your sponsors, because those posts usually get a lot of attention.

Be authentic and just talk to your fans.


Your fans want to know the score right after the game. Not the next day or even 2 hours after the game. Win or lose, doesn’t matter. See what your fans are saying in the comments and be a part of that conversation. Many clubs have their score posts also sponsored.


Sharing different stats about players and the team can really get the conversation going with your fans. You can even come up with your own stats like player with the worst jokes or number of times someone forgot their equipment at home.


Dig deeper with player comparison. Share interesting facts about two players. Here too you can get creative and come up with your own stats. It doesn’t have to always too serious.


Don’t forget to thank your sponsors. Announcing new sponsors but also saying thank you after the season. With SportaPost you can easily customize the posts to match your sponsors brand (colors, fonts etc.).

Show your sponsors some love ❤️


If you have any questions or would like to have your custom templates (with automation?), get in touch mikael@sportapost.com


~ Mikael from SportaPost

Mikael Kojo

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