Nynäshamns IBK and SportaPost Joined Forces to Boost Social Media Reach


A floorball club from Stockholm (SWE) was struggling with social media and wanted to give their fans better content and have a professional look for all their teams. 

They found SportaPost online and decided to streamline their social media with PRO accounts and unified content according to their brand guidelines.

As a result, their now deliver better content faster and easier to their fans and they have full control of all their team’s social media accounts.

Nynäshamns IBK

  • NIBK is a floorball club from Stockholm, Sweden.
  • They have 16 teams and over 300 players from junior to women’s (division 2) and men’s (division 4) teams.
  • Read more about the club here

The Problem

NIBK didn’t have a social media team so posting was disorganized and the quality varied greatly.

Their supporters and players parents didn’t know when and where the next game was going to be played as well as other crucial information didn’t reach the club’s fans.

They used to edit their posts with whatever app they had in their phone which took a very long time.

The Goal

They wanted to reach out to more people and make them want to come to their games and grow their social media following.

In order to attract more sponsors and give their fans better content they wanted to have a professional look all over their social media channels.

They wanted to have full control over every team’s visual identity.

”None of us were a graphic designer, so when we found you (SportaPost), it was a huge relief”

Neo Lindblad

Social Media Content Manager


NIBK saw other teams using SportaPost on social media and that’s how they found the app. They chose to have PRO accounts with multiple teams in their club.

SportaPost provided PRO accounts for multiple teams within the club.

They are encouraging all teams to use the same templates to get a professional and unified look.

”We were impressed to see what other clubs were posting on social media with SportaPost”

Social Media Content Manager for NIBK

Results and Conclusions

NIBK has been more than happy with the solution. They now have a unified look on social media that represents their club brand.

Their fans have noticed the new and professional look and now supporters are always up to date with the club activities.

NIBK now has full control of all of their social media accounts. They also have a unified and a professional look throughout their social media accounts.

Their favourite templates are the match score, gameday and lineup that use regularly. NIBK is thinking about getting custom templates from SportaPost for their next season.

”It’s so much easier to post now and everything looks nice and clean. Try it out! You will not regret it. You should definitely buy the PRO for the few extra bucks.”

Neo Lindblad

Social Media Content Manager

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