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We updated the SportaPost app little over a week ago (go & update if you haven’t already). The biggest change you’ll see is the redesign of the user interface (UI). We basically wanted to make it smoother and easier. Here’s a short video showcasing the new UI.

Now you can see preview images of all the templates and swipe between gameday, scores and lineups etc. Whenever we put out new templates, they will appear on top so you’ll see the new  ones first. One other thing we’re working on is the different image sizes. You can already see a couple of those under “Match score”. You’ll be able to switch between a square (1:1) and portrait (9:16) with just one tap (see video below).

All the logos, texts and numbers are automatically transferred between image sizes. This way you can use the same image for example Instagram or Facebook stories. We hope you’ll like these updates and if you have any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Probably the best way to get in contact is by Instagram DM or Facebook messenger.


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~ Mikael from SportaPost


Mikael Kojo

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