Saving your time

Do you still think social media is free? Sure it’s free to use, but it always takes somebody’s time and that time is away from doing something else. The Kojo app will be a time saving tool for your sport team. You’ll be able to post high quality content on the go with you mobile phone.

For example, I did the image templates for an ice hockey team last season. They played around 50 games. For every game, they posted their lineups, scores after the 1st and 2nd period and the final score (with stats). That’s over 200 pictures just there (4 pics per game). Plus they posted a bunch of pictures like milestones the players achieved, birthdays, news about new players etc. So the final number is closer to 300 pictures for one season. That’s a whole lot of editing and posting.

The amount of time spent making pictures and the amount of time they are viewed on social media by our fans didn’t meet. That’s why I’m making the Kojo app. You’ll be able to produce professional content to social media in no time so you can focus more on the game and give your fans more insights about the actual game.


Mikael Kojo

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