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This is a big one. You know that SportaPost has been free to use from the get-go. Not to worry, we plan to keep it that way; and what’s even better, your team can actually make money with it! How, one might ask? Let me break it down for you.

Your team can sell the ad space in your posts. You probably already sell advertising on your jerseys, sidelines, website, etc. Now, you can display your sponsor’s logo in every post you make. SportaPost offers your team it’s own website where sponsors can make the payment. The deal is that you decide how many posts the sponsor gets for the money they put in. For example 200€/month gets 100 posts. Now you might think, “Holy crap! 100 posts in one month?! Who has time for that?”


Well, it’s not just your team’s account that we’re talking about. We want your whole team to post. All of your players download the SportaPost app (where you’ll have your team logo, colors and sponsor logo ready) and you’re free to post away. Let’s say you’ve got 20 players in your team. Everyone posts once a week for one month = 80 posts/month. Then you add your ”regular” team account that you use to post your gameday, lineup, scores and a couple of quotes after the games and you’re up to 100 posts easily!

What’s in it for the sponsor? Well, they receive reporting and analytics from the posts you make. We can show the sponsor how many likes, comments and shares your posts have received. But once again, no worries. We DO NOT track your individual accounts in a way that we can identify you personally. We consider your privacy our number one thing.


We provide an overall analysis of your posts; and that’s what’s valuable to the sponsor. Here is where your sponsors can see how much bang they are getting for their buck. This your way to say, ”Hey, we have over 2000 followers on our social media channels and here’s how many people you can reach each month.” It’s virtually impossible to measure the reach of a printed ad or logo on a jersey, for example. Now your sponsors know who they’re reaching and how often. It works the other way around too: you have to post the agreed number of posts to get your money. You’ll be able to see, right in the app, how much your team has earned.


If you’re interested in being the first ones to make money posting, contact me by email, phone, Instagram DM, whatever works for you.We’re offering a discount to our first users. Yes, we are going to have a certain fee for this service that the sponsor will pay. Be quick and take advantage of the early bird offer and let us know what you think of this!

– Mikael-

Mikael Kojo

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