Shut up and listen

Social media should be social first and media second. Interacting with your fans means you have to listen to them. It’s not just about you pushing content one way. When posting something online, you’d expect someone to be interested and start a conversation with you, right?

Fans are especially active on social media during games. They want to know what’s happening and if you’re not providing updates and behind the scenes material where are they going to look? That’s right, your opponents channels. You wouldn’t want your fans to follow your opponents social media channels to get the latest updates?

Your biggest audience is not at the stadium, they’re at home with their phones.

I just got the demo for the SportaPost app this week and I’m really excited! It’s looking GOOD 🙂 With the SportaPost app the media part is made easy. You don’t have to spend hours and hours designing your pictures. We’ll have ready-made templates you can easily customize. Scores, lineups, player profiles etc.

Ps. Thank goodness July is almost over, because in Finland nothing happens during this holiday month.

Have a great weekend!


Mikael Kojo

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