This is the end

So I thought. I decided to quit my job in the spring of 2017 and finally start my own business. A tech startup in Rovaniemi, Finland. Yeah, why not. I was scared and still am, but I’m also happy every morning when I wake up. This is a new beginning.

In this blog and on my social media channels I’ll document my journey as an entrepreneur in the Arctic Circle. You probably don’t know me or what I’m doing so you can see my “official” history for example here.

I founded SportaPost Oy in May 2017. The first couple of months I’ve been setting the business up. Lot of paperwork, finding an accounting firm,  building this website with Nutmegger PR (Rob, you’re the man!) and the whole brand identity (if you can say that) and so on. I’ve also been watching the HBO series Silicon Valley a lot lately…

I’m developing the app with Bitfactor.  The SportaPost app will help sport teams publish and share quality content in seconds. The next big step now is to make a demo and specify the features for the MVP. Next on the TO-DO list is to get my business cards and probably a hoodie? Are those still mandatory for startups? Anyway, stay tuned and follow my (and hopefully later our, as I’m hoping to grow my team) journey. This is what I wanted to do for a long time and now’s the time.


I need to get me that hoodie.


Mikael Kojo

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